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RFID Travel Money Belt - Hidden Holder For Passport - Secret, Safe Waist Wallet

Old price : $23.99

Part#: 636836816234 - RFID Travel Money Belt - Hidden Holder For Passport - Secret, Safe Waist Wallet

SmartricksFactory gives you the most exclusive 2019 RFID Money Travel Belt For Women And Men if you truly want to secure all your personal information while travelling without any stress!

  • Designed by hand with great attention to details & passion for adventure – It’s the most innovative way to hide your valuables & enjoy the moment no matter where you are!
  • Why choose our Smartricks Money Belt RFID?
    1. 100% Triple-Protection Guarantee > we are one of the market Leaders with products that offer high level of security with 3 RFID Shields – NO need for thick RFID Sleeves when you wear it !
    2. Go traveling Stress-Free > our premium material is Washing-Resistant and has only machine-sewn stitches for extra durability!
    3. All your necessities in one place > 4 spacious RFID Card, Money & Passport pockets + 1 Non-RFID Phone, max.size without "phone case" 6.16x3.01x0.30 inch – Stay organized even in stressful situations!
    4. Lightweight & Compact Storage > the unique design makes it extremely lightweight, compact and easy to hide the pouch under your clothes!
    5. 100% Adjustable waist belt for Women & Men > we designed an extra-long strap in order to fit any waist size without any problems and to offer maximum comfort!
    6. Hot or Rainy Days – Zero worries > our money belt is Water Resistant and the material has cooling properties for high temperatures!
  • Buy it once, Have it Forever – We guarantee your 110% satisfaction! If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we'll replace it for free or refund your money! No questions asked! No hassle!

Let’s Start Traveling & Find your Adventure! Add the RFID Money Travel Belt to cart and start your next safe journey!


  • 🔐 WHILE OTHER RFID TRAVEL MONEY BELTS are too uncomfortable to wear, have poor-quality zippers or just simply rip after a few uses, our Exclusive 2019 RFID Money Belt was designed to be LIGHTWEIGHT & comfortable during HOT DAYS and we use the highest-quality zippers which glade SMOOTHLY even when the belt is full. The machine-sewn stitches provide additional DURABILITY. This means LESS MONEY spent on a new RFID travel pouch and PEACE OF MIND during your travels.
  • 🏅 MAKE EACH TRIP A LIFETIME MEMORY! You want to keep all your your valuables PROTECTED from RFID Emissions and enjoy your travels WITHOUT the fear of credit card & privacy THEFT... while we want to provide the perfect vehicle towards your goals. That's why our Travel Money Belt has built in 100% RFID BLOCK PROTECTION . You won't need any RFID Sleeves when you wear it. It's also WATER RESISTANT for full shield during rainy days. Always BE READY for action . - Life is an ADVENTURE!
  • 👪 OUR MISSION IS A STRESS-FREE & ACTIVE LIFE - We believe in making everyday life easy and fun. By helping you to do this in your traveling, we are creating happier & more relaxed customers. SmartricksFactory's premium RFID Money Belt holds tightly ANY TYPE of credit card, passport or ID and features a Non-RFID Blocking PHONE POCKET. This way you can keep hidden all your valuables away from pickpockets and secure your personal information - Professionals never cut corners!
  • 🎁 A PERFECT BIRTHDAY or EASTER GIFT! If you are looking for a great gift for you or a loved one that has that "exciting and extra-cool" wow factor, then you will love our RFID Travel Money Belt. It is a great ORGANIZER for all activities thanks to 3 RFID-Blocking & water resistant zipped pockets and interior separation. It's a completely ADJUSTABLE money belt for men & women and our innovative SLIM Design maximizes the storage space while giving a COMPACT & SLEEK feel. - Kindness is CONTAGIOUS!
  • 🏆 ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU...We pride ourselves on providing top quality products and amazing United States based customer service. We created our RFID Travel Belt with extra care and attention-to-detail to provide the most secure experience during your daily activities. You can add your travel money belt to your cart with total peace of mind, knowing that if you aren't 110% happy with your purchase, we'll provide you a FULL refund.😊 BONUS GIFT NOW ! - secret pocket behind phone compartiment


  • 636836816234


  • 0636836816234
  • Color: eclipse ( black )