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Battery Organizer Storage Case by Range Kleen Holds 82 Batteries Various Sizes WKT4162 Removable Battery Tester

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Range Kleen Part#: WKT4162AZ 841932158342 - Battery Organizer Storage Case by Range Kleen Holds 82 Batteries Various Sizes WKT4162 Removable Battery Tester

The Range Kleen WKT4162 82-Battery Organizer is the battery caddy that goes anywhere, including on the wall with the included mounting hardware!

•BEATS YOUR AVERAGE AA BATTERY ORGANIZER ANY DAY. Get plenty of room for those AA batteries, plus store even more with slots for AAA, C, D and 9V sizes. Oh, and there’s even a cute little watch battery organizer, too.

• SQUEEZE 82 BATTERIES IN A SPACE BARELY BIGGER THAN YOUR HAND. Say goodbye to bulky battery organizers and say hello to the Range Kleen WKT4162! It’s hard to imagine a better way to store up to 82 batteries of all sizes.

• WHERE BETTER FOR A BATTERY STORAGE ORGANIZER THAN ON THE WALL? Put this go-anywhere battery holder wherever you want – even on the wall! The Range Kleen WKT4162 comes with its own mounting hardware so you can hang it where you need it.

• THE BONUS BATTERY TESTER THAT BOASTS A MIND-BENDING TRICK. Watch in wonder as this battery tester works without batteries! That’s right – it uses voltage from the battery it’s testing to work, and even tests rechargeable batteries.

• CHOOSE BATTERY ORGANIZATION THAT WORKS FOR YOU. The best thing about this battery organizer might be that it makes it easy to see, sort and select your batteries; no more rooting through that battery drawer. Order the Range Kleen WKT4162 82-Battery Organizer now and put those batteries in their place!

• Range Kleen WKT4162 82-Battery Organizer
• Mounting Screws (3) & Anchors (3)


  • GET 82-BATTERY STORAGE IN ONE TINY SPACE: Take battery organization to the next level w/ a AA battery organizer that stores even more
  • ORGANIZE AAA, AA, C, D & 9V SIZES + SMALL BATTERIES: This battery organizer keeps every size easy to see and sort - just select what you need
  • USE THE DETACHABLE BATTERY TESTER: Test your batteries (even rechargeable ones) w/ a tester that never needs a battery - it charges off the batteries you test
  • STORE IN A DRAWER OR MOUNT ON THE WALL: Keep your battery organizer in a drawer or mount it with the included mounting hardware
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Packs a lot of battery organization into a unique, durable design
  • The Detachable Battery tester does not require a battery, its powered by the battery that is tested
  • Holds up to 82 different size batteries (25 AAA, 39 AA, 4 9v, 8 C,and 6 D batteries). Has drawer to hold small hearing aid and watch size batteries
  • Can be stored flat in a drawer or Wall mountable so you can easily mount it on any Drywall (mounting hardware included)
  • It's so convenient to have batteries organized in one spot, rather than rattling around in a drawer. It's easy to find what you need and see when it's time to stock up.
  • Dimensions: 6 1/4 x 11 1/2 x 1 1/2".

Catalog Numbers:

  • WKT4162 P13796
  • battery-organizer
  • WKT4162


  • 841932158342
  • 816796021194
  • 850223000253
  • 885426851401
  • 850223000000
  • 628586482968
  • 069060218657
  • 151903499245
  • 885493951417
  • 759284053232
  • 981516621999
  • 737989650376
  • 785462798800
  • 070775193078
  • 675903985855
  • 887906230232


  • 0850223000253
  • Manufacturer: Range Kleen
  • Part Number: WKT4162AZ
  • Model: WKT4162AZ
  • Color: white